Nursery: Prime Time

(See how the gigantic wall cracks almost disappear? No? Well they will when there's paint.)
(Next to go is that purple doorway. )
(I can actually close the closet doors now! Progress.)
(Another corner pic just so you can see that the gold paint is well and truly gone.)

I think five months pregnant is just about the limit for repainting the nursery. Up the chair - down the chair. Roll out the primer - trim the corners. Stretch up - bend down. It's a full body work out.

Let's just pretend I don't have to still trim the bottoms and around the windows. And for now the plan is to leave the insides of the windows yellow, until I can figure out if I'm keeping the blinds in. Done.


Gallup Gal said...

The room is finally transforming. It looks great! It will be just the right size for a nursery and the baby won't make your house seem any smaller because you weren't really utilizing the space before. It's "found" space.

sarsha said...

I know! It has to look a lot worse first before it can look better. I can finally start imagining this "forever weekend" project being over!

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