Nursery: Spy vs. Spy

Paint Two:Paint Two:
Paint One:
Paint One:

Or, paint vs. paint, really.

Paint One is Martha Stewart Spring Melt. It's a proven classic (as evidenced by my living room) - a bluish, non-color that is very fresh and brightening. On camera, it comes off a tad grey.

Paint Two is MS Rainwater. It's bluer and darker. Beige and white seem to really pop off of it well. On camera, it tends to look more like a powder blue.

I'm feeling very indecisive... But I should have one firm choice by this weekend, when it'll be time to get serious about the color.


Gallup Gal said...

The picture don't do either paint color justice. Make sure you look at the walls at different times of day. Paint colors vary greatly depending on light conditions. My input would be go for the lighter, brighter color in your small nursery. MOM

sarsha said...

I know. I thought the pictures would help, and they really don't. Poop.

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