Nursery: Watching Paint Dry

(Two legs and two sides drying - look at all that color!)
I've started prepping the walls of the bedroom (this is a few weekend's worth of cheap projects, after all) and painting the cradle Martha Stewart's Duck's Egg. Those teeny-tiny spindles are so much work! Luckily I have Netflix to keep me company.


Gallup Gal said...

Pretty. Worth all the work. You'll have a very special crib/room for PeeWee. A couple of week-ends is a fair trade for your signature on the room. Setting up the room suddenly makes PeeWee's arrival feel very real, doesn't it?

sarsha said...

I agree. It's so nice to finally clean out our "storage closet". With central A/C, we can now live in our entire house all year round, and make better use of our space.
I bought some kimono tops (0-3months) today from Target. They are heart-stoppingly adorable. The teeny-tiny size of them made it all seem more real.
Happy Mother's Day!

Your daughter and grandfetus

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