Field Trip: Harlow Gardens Nursery

(My fave - these gnome-sized ceramic mushrooms)
(The Hubs welcoming us all)

(Under the cool, greenhouse canopy)(A sweet kumkwat tree)
(Little succulent gems)

(Reusing painted pallets to stack plants for drainage and easy display - brilliant!)(Pete's fave - showing off some of the custom tile that Tucson is home to)

I've been wanting to visit the Harlow Gardens Nursery ever since I saw its brightly painted gates and overflowing leafy pots. There are many high quality, independent nurseries in Tucson that sell desert adapted species, but most are less colorful than Harlow.

I promised myself that I wouldn't try putting in any new plants at the heat of the summer (and just before we leave for vacay, as well), but I did purchase two tiny succulents for the hanging planters and some tasty (probably, if you're a plant) succulent food.

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