Now Onto the Bathroom: Planning

(This is the official "before" pic, enlarged for extra graininess. There is no "after" yet. Patience!)

You probably noticed from when I posted about painting the hallway that the bathroom (THE ONLY BATHROOM...) is looking a wee bit messy. You might even think to yourself, how can they fit in all the baby crap with that mess? If you peered around the corner and saw the chair with piles upon piles of clothes on it, you might grow even more alarmed.

I know that I am.

Given that we are going to be cloth diapering for the next 2+ years, I figured it needed to serve two functions (besides the obvious):
  1. Diaper changing station
  2. Bathroom/laundry storage
I put together a wish list to start planning it all out, and have actually edited it a few more times since (the original Moen Refresh 3-Way Shower Head that I thought I wanted was too ginormous, and the grey Amy Butler towels actually go with the green hued walls better than the turquoise ones and match the DKNY ones that I got on clearance!). Sadly, our local Anthro did not have the canvas baskets (or any plans to receive them any time soon) so I didn't get to see them in person in all their herringbone-ness.

Little by little I am beginning to see how our current bathroom sitch and be tweaked and made much better before our girl arrives in October.

Let me lead you through the details on the Diaper Changing Station:
  • The IKEA Sniglar, in all its tiny-ness, is the ONLY changing table (or table, period) that fits between our lovely pedestal sink and the wall (currently the home of the aforementioned chair/clothes pile). So this is the basis for the entire system. The Little Elephant Stitchery posted her solution to finding a changing pad to fit the Sniglar (hint: involves some sawing) in baby Georgia's yellow and grey nursery since most are just too long. I've had idle thoughts of just trimming the IKEA Toftbo bath mat to size, since it has a nice non-skid backing and can easily be thrown in the wash...
  • Above that will be the IKEA Grundtal in 21"(see - tiny space!), which will hold some baby product supplies in those Grundtal cup holders/hooks. If I'm feeling really ambitious, I might screw in a Bygel rod into the side of the Sniglar in order to hang more stuff off the edge.
  • Below will be the mini diaper pail (I have heard that metal is far, far superior than plastic) in the IKEA Knodd, with a PUL liner and some mesh bags, and those adorable Anthropologie Mountain Peaks baskets for dirty clothes/doodads. If there's room, the IKEA Komplement also seems awesome for storing diapers and extra supplies.
  • Attached to the toilet, the BumGenius diaper sprayer seems the best solution for keeping the stink down and taking care of those explosions right away.
And now, for the bathroom/laundry storage run-down:
  • Above the toilet is currently a sad, little black towel rod/shelf (see pic below).
  • Am replacing sad shelf with more IKEA Grundal (this time in the 31") in the form of another towel rod and two shelves stacked above it. The shelves will hold stuff that's currently in baskets and/or on the floor, like extra towels, toilet paper, and the like.
  • Oh, and the new sprayer is just a switch-out for the current shower head. I've heard that new mamas like to have a detachable nozzle for washing their ouchie bits (although I could tell you the story about that scar on my upper lip that resulted from an encounter with a detachable shower head when I was a mere PeeWee).

Bathroom Update

Mountain Peaks Bath Basket, Tall
$88 - anthropologie.com

$9.99 - ikea.com

$20 - ikea.com

ikea KNODD
$15 - ikea.com

$5.99 - ikea.com

$15 - ikea.com

$11 - ikea.com

ikea BYGEL
$1.99 - ikea.com

$40 - ikea.com

Mountain Peaks Bath Basket, Short
$88 - anthropologie.com

Mountain Peaks Bath Basket, Mini
$48 - anthropologie.com


Gallup Gal said...

Wow! You've really thought this out. You HAVE to use every last inch in such a small space and I think you've accomplished that goal. Functionality combined with space planning. I think you've found an optimum solution. One last thing you might add is a deep shelf high up (like just above your head height - so it doesn't interfere with diaper changes) on the back wall (the one you can't see in the pix.) This would give you an extra storage space for the uglies. (For example, toilet paper, baby wipes, extra toiletries, etc.)

sarsha said...

I like the idea of adding another deep shelf - the only problem is that the wall is too narrow. I could probably fit some hooks, though, and IKEA has ones that fold flat when not in use...

Thanks! I'm obsessed.

Gallup Gal said...

That space is narrow. Often shelf units are narrower than a standard wall shelf. You might check that idea out. Pete would have to reach the higher shelves, but you would have more (mostly) out of sight storage. Hooks could hold baskets but tht solution would be very limited.

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