Strawberry-Rhubarb Pancakes


I saw these gorgeous red sticks of rhubarb at Whole Foods yesterday. So, even though it's not Father's Day anymore, I cooked up some in memory of my grandfather who always kept a patch of rhubarb growing on his land.

Slight mishap aside of one plate landing squarely in the sink (I admit, I threw a small pity party and a fork may have also been thrown) these were delicious with a generous squirt of whipped cream on top.

I then finished off the rest of the pot of strawberry-rhubarb filling with a spoon. I consider it getting my vegetable and fruit servings all in one go.

Oh, and if you are interested in making your own filling, it's approximately one stick of rhubarb cut into chunks, steamed for about a minute, then 1 pint of sliced strawberries (uncooked) with 1 T of syrup and set in the fridge overnight. Couldn't be easier; just don't burn the rhubarb!

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