Succulent Care

This probably falls under the category of things that only I worry about. Remember those gorgeous planters that I bought last summer after months and months of obsessing? Well, they weathered the winter quite well (and benevolent neglect), aside from needing to come into the kitchen during the two hard freezes we experienced, hanging from the porch.

However, the dark purple hens and chicks from each planter bit the big one. I was looking at Harlow Gardens Nursery for replacements, and found these itty-bitty 3" gray-green guys. I like that they'll add some vertical volume and that they were only $1.99 each. The cactus juice was a bit more at $8.99 a bottle, but at 1 t of solution every two weeks it's going to last a while.

I feel slightly guilty for ignoring them, but succulents seem to be natural loners. They're not cuddly, although spineless, and tend to break off leaves if handled (much like a amphibian looses its tail in self-defense). So, other than the cactus juice every other week and twice weekly waterings (it's hot) I think I'll go back to what works best: doing nothing.

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