Napoleone's Pizza

Also known as, "that place that Tom Waits used to work at." From the red and white checkered linoleum floors to the reprints of oil paintings on white walls and an open kitchen, Napoleone's has the classic pizzeria style.

One guess why we went there... however the pizza actually was awesome. We ordered a 10" veggie with a side of garlic bread off of their simple menu. The garlic bread came hot and fresh, although without those soft nuggets of butter that I enjoy. The pizza, while looking superficially mediocre, proved to be a lot more tasty. The crust was crisp and golden (not charred) on bottom, the mushrooms protected and moist under a layer of cheese, and the onions and green pepper sliced thinly enough to actually cook. My only addition would have been some good and salty or fresh cheese.

All in all, we're happy we made the detour from our usual sea-side fare. And now, of course, the Hubs gets to say that he's been on its hallowed grounds.

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