Now Onto the Bathroom: Cleaning and Farewell Mr. Laundry Chair

A major feature of our bathroom these last few years has been... Mr. Laundry Chair. Unfortunately, it's either him or the diaper changing/bathing station. That little corner by the pedestal sink is prime real estate.

(Before: Mr. Laundry Chair also handles towels nicely)
I stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond this morning in order to organize our cleaning system (the word "system" makes it all sound much more innovative, don't you think?).

For the diaper changing/bathing station:
For the laundry:
(After: Dirty towels moved to their own bin nearest the tub, with mesh pocket for wet washcloths
*ETA: This hamper is not working... stay tuned for a better solution.)
For general cleaning:
  • Method Gel Foaming Handwash $2.99 (can't find)
  • Method Gel Refill $5.99 (ditto)
  • Earthworm Drain Cleaner $4.99 (B3 have the suckiest search feature on the planet)
(Before: Yucky, drippy gold hand soap)

(After: Inoffensive, foaming hand soap)It's really the tiny victories that keep us going.

And, yes, that is a wash cloth tied around the cold spigot. It's in need of repair (doh!) and that reminds us not to use it. So we brush our teeth with hot (germ-killing!) water.


Gallup Gal said...

Remember Woolly Pockets? I know that space is a premium in your very small bathroom. Couldn't we make three custom wall pockets, and mount them on the wall beside the towel racks? In other words, remount the current towel rods one above the other, then add the new laundry pockets to the side. It would be cute if they were crisp white with iron on monograms like: Whites, Colors, LO. LO's would be the lowest pocket and towel rack, so she could reach them on her own soon.

sarsha said...

Well, we are thinking along the same lines. I was going to simply hook laundry bags underneath the current towel hooks. And I love the monogramming idea. Pete actually keeps his laundry in the laundry room (what an idea!), so it'd be a bag for me, a bag for towels/linen, and a bag for LO.

Gallup Gal said...

Hooking up laundry bags is perfect (and a lot less work). We think alike very often. Cretive solutions to everyday problems. The laundry bags can still be monogrammed. There are iron on alphabets and some dry cleaners can professionally monogram. I have hooks I'll bring with me and we'll play around with options.

sarsha said...

That sounds like fun! I might ask you to help me hang the shelves and the curtain rod as well... I'm afraid of the stud finder.

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