Now Onto the Bathroom: Making Room for Baby

We swung by Target this morning and I got a 16-Pocket Door Organizer for $7.99.

(Before: Over the toilet baskets for holding stuff.)
(After: Baskets emptied out and removed.)
(Before: Bathroom door with two extra towel bars.)
(After: Bathroom door with door organizer slipped over towel rod.)The goal was to clear out the space above the toilet, where two narrow baskets formerly balanced (only falling down about once a month or so!), and to move the heavy toiletries to the back of the closet door.

(After: The organizer hides behind the door when it's open.)
I chose to hang it from the towel rod rather than the top of door, because it just wouldn't close the way that it was intended to hang. We might hang it higher later, but for now it's at a good height to grab the hair gel and go. I just squeezed the hooks more tightly closed with a pair of pliers so that the organizer stops falling off the door.
I also shortened the bottom row by cutting off the big net pocket with pinking shears.Last, I cut a narrow slit into the organizer in order for the knob to pull through and still turn.Not bad for about 15-30 minutes of work! Next, I've got to get up the gumption to put up the shelves, right where those precarious baskets used to sit above the toilet.


Gallup Gal said...

Instant simplification.

sarsha said...

I hope so. I'm waiting to see what the cat will do when he discovers it.

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