Cheap Afternoon Project: Getting the Bathroom Sink Repaired

Not sure if I can claim this, since I technically did nothing other than call and schedule the repair with our Warranty Company...

But our bathroom sink is officially fixed!

According to the receipt, it suffered from an "awful noise."

That, and both faucets wouldn't ever quite turn off. It got so I was afraid that they would just keep turning and never turn off again.

Best $60 ever spent on our bathroom.

Oh, and the funniest part? I put the Hubs on the Warranty policy so that he could call in repairs as co-homeowner. Well, they had him listed on the receipts as the owner, and since I was the original name on the policy they just kind of sandwiched his first name with my last name.

Yeah. So he's written as Pete (My Maiden Name).

I don't know whether to laugh at their faux pas or be mad that I got replaced so easily by my husband as the official homeowner.

I'll go with laughing. After all, now I don't have to to brush my teeth in the kitchen sink any more. And the Hubs doesn't have to shave with a cup of water. Win-win.


Gallup Gal said...

Glad the sink is fixed. You waited a long time for that. I may miss the rag around the handle though, it was so "I have a story to tell".

sarsha said...

I waited way too long, I know! So glad that we have the home warranty. And now that we're changing diapers constantly, it's even more important.

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