Padding the Nest

So, if being ginormously pregnant has decreased my amount of blogging (August?), at least my amount of actually getting stuff done in real life has increased. (Did that sound defensive? Sorry.)

We went to Target rather randomly this weekend, not to buy school supplies (for once), but just to wander around. Missoni is releasing their line on the 13th (dangerous...) but I figured that they would be clearing out their back-to-school dorm stuff. And they actually do have really great 30% off bedding sales and clearance right now.

I picked up a comforter/dust ruffle/sham set in white that reminded me of the rosette set from Anthro. The real thing is super soft jersey and amazingly wrinkle-resistant. However, it runs over $300 once shams are figured in. The 100% cotton set I found at Target were marked down half off from $99 to $49, plus two adorable apple towels at $2.99 each, minus a $23 gift certificate balance, came to about $38. So, 1/10th of the cost for a whole bed set and kitchen linen. Yay for mathiness!

Two major problems presented themselves once I got the comforter set home:
  • Blinding whiteness. We're talking over-bleached teeth. It makes the rest of our bedding just look like it has the cruds.
  • Enormous fluffiness. As in, this comforter won't even fit in the washing machine. Not promising for something that is guaranteed to show every spot and stain.
A hint for how I'm going to deal with the whiteness here from Young House Love. But, the comforter is more of a challenge. The buttons that gather the fabric in rosettes are actually only attached to the top layer of fabric, and the top and the bottom pieces are not sewn together. So my two thoughts were to make it into a duvet cover or to insert thinner batting and quilt the whole thing down.

Additionally, I played around with a red and white gingham tablecloth and the new red apple towels to see how these gorgeous sheets from Garnet Hill would look with the new white bedding. I love the idea of adding more pops of red in our house to warm up the cool blue and green walls.


Gallup Gal said...

Wouldn't you know it. I have a most difficult time finding white, white for my black and white bedroom. Everything seems to be off-white. I want to bleach out the color and you want to add some in! Wanna trade? (Just kidding.)

sarsha said...

Now you know... Target. Actually, I had been looking on Overstock.com for the same pieces, but they were way cheaper as a bedding set. Not sure if I like how the off-white dying is going... I'm going to call it a wabi-sabi effect at best. I may end up actually dyeing it with real dye, or just scrapping the whole thing and saving up for the Anthro set that I really want. Ugh.

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