Our Biggest Project Yet, cont.

Thanks to the Hubs making a quick run to Lowe's this morning, I have some photos for you of the Pergo Tidewater Oak flooring sample in our home. Sammy, the model cat, of course is showing off how well it complements his fur.

(Against the kitchen cabinets)
(Below the stove)
(In the living room)
(Upon entering the front door)
(As seen in the hallway)

(In the nursery)

When I called in the sample request to Lowe's this morning, I made it clear that the previous flooring was out of our budget. Waaaaay out. So I asked about the Tidewater Oak, since the reviews were so positive online and it is within our price range (and on sale!). This is when I began to get a hint that my second choice might be the better one. He responded very enthusiastically (unlike the response to my first choice) and said that it was a beautiful floor.

After viewing the Tidewater Oak against all the cools blues and greens and warm wood tones in our home, I don't hate it. This is so much better than I had hoped! And the pattern is really nice - lots of dark and light shades with subtle variation in design.

Fingers crossed that this is it and we can start scheduling the installation soon.


Gallup Gal said...

I think the flooring looks like an easy fit into each room. It especially compliments the kitchen/dining room. The key is on the way (mailed Monday). So glad that you can "borrow" my apt instead of staying in a hotel room during the floor install.
Love, Mom

sarsha said...

Thanks for the key! Staying at your place made life so much easier while the floors were being installed. See you soon.

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