Our Biggest Project Yet

We purchased our 1952 bungalow with the original flooring, including asbestos tile and carpet. Yum. Nothing like 60-year-old beige pile and cracked tiles underfoot.

Lowe's is having their annual flooring event, and installation is just a little under $400. For the entire house. That's a savings (for us) of about $1600. To give you an idea of just how good that is, the flooring itself would have to be on sale for about 50% off to give us the same deal. Sweet.

So, even though I had thoughts of putting separate floor surfaces in the kitchen-dining nook-laundry half and the bedrooms-den-hallway-living room half, I'm now convinced that our house will look just fine with one type of surface (excluding the hex tile in the bathroom, of course).

This project is just starting, and I'll be updating you as we go along. Fingers crossed, we'll have it done before Thanksgiving (or by the time Lil Amanda learns to crawl).

Here's a look at the flooring we're considering:

Pergo Whitewashed Pine

Pergo Driftwood Pine

Pergo Boathouse Pine

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