Tomato and Cheese Picnic Sandwich

Step 1: Prep
  • Slice the tomatoes and the cheese.
  • Chop off the "elbows", halve the loaf of bread, and scoop out the soft center (save crumbs for munching on later).
Step 2: Layering
  • Spread mayonnaise, then tomatoes, then cheese onto bottom half of loaf. Continue until sandwich is filled.
  • Add mayonnaise to the other side of loaf, and then combine.

Step 3: Packaging
  • Cut sandwich into two pieces on a diagonal, and then wrap up in a pretty napkin. Enjoy your picnic!

We took Amanda to the Tucson Botanical Gardens last Sunday for a little picnic (in the edible garden, by pure accident!).

I packed a lunch of sourdough tomato and cheese sandwiches, boxes of fruit punch, and corn chips. It was delicious.

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