Armchair Shopping: Kitchen Rug

I had a spare 20 minutes this weekend (when does that ever happen?!) and I went on to FLOR's Web site to mosey around. Well, what do you know? They have this amazing "Brick" colored floor tile on sale in several textures.

I bought 5 tiles to cover the approximately 2'x8' space hugging the cabinetry under the sink and stove. Since it's a high-use area and spills are a real possibility (part of the reason that we want a rug to protect our precious new flooring!), I went with the Fedora style which is currently on sale for $5.49 a square.

So, that's about $27 for our area rug in the kitchen, and I also grabbed a $4 discount from typing in "FLOR promo code" from RetailMeNot. I love that site.

If I end up super loving the brick color, I might put some down in another texture in the living room. I'm hoping that it will warm up the space and provide some serious stain coverage. Can they be thrown in the washing machine? Guess I should have bought an extra tile just to experiment with...

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