Our Biggest Project Yet, finished!

Our 1952 bungalow has come a long way since we first moved here in Summer 2009. The nursery has probably been the most recent room to be tackled, for obvious reasons.

(Uneven floors in nursery)

(Below, nursery during original house tour in April 2009)

The guest room is the next to be repainted and decorated, but looks 100% more welcoming with the new flooring.

Now moving into the hallway (2 closets! 5 doors! 6 doorways!), this was actually the first area to be completed with the new flooring. Some floor moulding was also added to finished it off.

(First glance during original home tour. The bathroom looks almost exactly the same...)

The master bedroom hasn't changed much since moving in. The walls are still a pale green, but the new floors really warm it up.

(Isn't it funny how the bed looks almost exactly the same as the one in the original house tour?)

The living room is perhaps the most dramatically different. Probably because it is the first room that you enter from the front door. It's such a relief to finally have that ancient carpet pulled up! Additionally, the pale blue walls are a big contrast to the previous dark beige.

(Looking in from the front door to the kitchen)

(Looking back from the kitchen towards the front door)

(Previous owners chair collection)

The kitchen and the dining room were the second areas to be completed. The tile was particularly broken and chipped here, so there was additional patching and leveling. The dining room has a lot of wood going on now, so that will need to be addressed at some point. For now, it's looking way better than nasty, old tile.

(Me looking happy during our original house tour)

The bathroom and the laundry room are the only two spaces left as is. The bathroom because it's perfectly gorgeous as is with it's black and white hex tile, and the laundry room because it is wet and hosts the water heater as well. I will probably coat the laundry room floors with a light layer of porch paint and leave the original tile in place.

Hope you enjoyed the new tour! It was a lot of work to get our new flooring in (even though we paid for someone else to do all of the installation) but completely worth it.


Gallup Gal said...

Soooo beautiful!!!!!
Every single room looks much better and I am sure that the flow from room to room is improved with the same flooring throughout the majority of the house. I love your choice of flooring.
Amanda will get around on the new sleek floor surface much faster than the old (sort of) disgusting carpet. Wait...that may not be a good thing!

sarsha said...

Thanks! The choice of flooring was a total fluke, but it turned out to be awesome. Sometimes going with the popular/inexpensive options is a fantastic idea!
And, I agree, that old floor was NASTY.
We're putting in some rugs and carpet tiles (in the future) to slow her down and provide some warmth.

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