S'more Cupcakes and Birthday Fun!

(Birthday blooms!)

Today's my birthday party. Mom and I made s'more cupcakes yesterday. They could very well be made with blonde brownies too, but we cheated and used box mix.

S'more Cupcakes
  • 1 Box yellow cake mix (+eggs, oil and water according to directions)
  • 1 Pkg foil cupcake wrappers
  • 2 Bars Ghiradelli 60% chocolate
  • 1 Bag campfire marshmallows (or the biggest you can find)
  • 1 Bottle spray veg oil
  • Cupcake pan, mixing bowl, spatula, scissors

Step 1: Preheat oven. Line cupcake pan with wrappers. Spray top with veg oil.

Step 2: Mix cake batter according to directions. Fill cupcake wrappers 1/3 full. Bake until golden and done.

Step 3: Cut marshmallows in half width-wise. Place on top of hot cupcakes. Break chocolate bars into squares. Top each cupcake with one square. Immediately place cupcake pan in fridge.

Step 4: Serve after cooling (marshmallow and chocolate will have stopped melting, in about 10 minutes) or wrap up and eat later (very difficult to exert this kind of self-control).


Gallup Gal said...

Additional step: Marshemellows must be placed on the cupcakes after they're baked and returned to the oven to "puff". This takes only a couple of minutes and requires close supervision. (Note: The marshmellows do not need to brown, just look for the puffy appearance to develope.) The marshmellow may move off-center. While still hot, before topping with chocolate, you can carefully "nudge" them back into place.

sarsha said...

Thanks. The cupcake chef has spoken.

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