Carrot Walnut Apple Cinnamon Roll

I dreamed up these cinnamon rolls one night, got up to set out the butter to soften, and then woke up with the recipe all worked out in my head.

They make use of sweet winter produce, like carrots and apples, and pantry staples like raisins and walnuts. My tangerines had hardened, and their dry rind made a perfect zest.

You can make a bread dough for the rolls (my mom has the most amazing refrigerator rolls recipe) but I just made do with some Trader Joe's pizza dough (whole wheat).

The butter and sugar filling has a little vanilla to round it out (I just mixed to taste, and may have been a little overgenerous with 4oz of butter).

The fruit and veggie filling is cooked with about 1 T apple juice, along with the zest, until the carrots are tender and the raisins plump.

Let everything come to room temperature before you attempt to put together. Then chill the roll before you attempt to slice it. Bake and enjoy at your leisure - will stay firm and fresh in the refrigerator.

Let pizza dough rest until room temperature. Roll out flat, cover, and let rest again.

Spray aluminum foil and transfer dough.

Spread butter and sugar mixture (I like to use my hands!).

Leave one edge bare for rolling.

Let carrot-apple mixture cool.

Spread carrot-apple mixture over sugar and butter. Sprinkle with walnuts.

Start rolling towards bare end.

Turn roll on the diagonal and wrap in foil.

Roll resembles a burrito!

Chill roll in freezer for an hour.

Slice roll.

Bake at 450 F for 10 minutes or until golden brown.


Gallup Gal said...

Yum. Yum. Another winter favorite to add to the filling would be pears. Lots of ways to use up the odds and ends of fruits that hang out in our kitchens. I wouldn't have thought to add carrots. I have such a creative daughter!

Tucson, Holla! said...

I learned from the best!

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