Keeping My Resolutions... One Dollar at a Time

  • We just saved $2.29 yesterday on groceries! Our budget this month is $100 a week, so if we can stick to that then we'll save a lot more (and update at the end of the month).
  • I proactively saved us $2 a month on our internet. When I called last week, they mentioned that signing up for a two years' price protection by January 31st would save us from a *secret* February price hike.
  • Amazon also has these great subscription programs. We already get our Mrs. Meyer's unscented laundry detergent delivered every six months (which is perfect for laundering diapers!), but I signed up for Swiffer cleaner fluid ($4.08 saved), Magic Eraser ($15.62 saved), and Method hand soap refill ($20.67 saved). Over six months, that's an average of $13.46!
  • Our adorable mini-trashcan (a.k.a. 48 gal. "Right-Sized" can) was delivered this morning. It looks like we ordered a tiny one just so Amanda could take the garbage out. (She'll have to learn to walk first - darn!)
Grand total saved for the month of February: $20.50* 

(*not counting internet savings, since that is maintaining the current cost)


Tucson Trekker said...

You might like this idea. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week (Feb 4th/5th) Burger King has free onion rings. You could "go out" for a snack and not spend a penny. Might be fun on your daily walk or a mini date with hubby.

Tucson, Holla! said...

OMG! That is awesome. Wednesday is also free pie day at Village Inn. But I like the free rings - I will definitely go both days! But, isn't tomorrow the 1st?

Tucson Trekker said...

Dates are correct. I was looking at January's calendar to get the days of the week. OOPS.

Tucson, Holla! said...

We just brought our total up to $24! Woot, woot!

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