April: Blogging My Resolutions

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Free Disney Tickers So, you may notice that there's a new ticker up for April... we're going to Disneyland! Yay.

We'll be arriving on Memorial Day, and doing the Disneyland thing the next day. These next two months we'll be saving up.


modernhaus said...

Woohoo! D-land!! Actually, not a fan but when my kids were small it was so much fun to take them. Now they want near-death experiences on rides...

What else are you doing in LA? The Getty is free and very cool! Parking is $15 but I think teachers and university students get free parking. They have awesome world-class concerts for free and famous people doing readings all the time.

Do you love coffee? Intelligentsia is so cool.

If you want to window shop, Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza are fun. Wait. Maybe you know all about LA??

Tucson, Holla! said...

I know nothing about LA, so thanks for the tips Summer!

I have never been to Disneyland, so it will be exciting. We're mostly going to do the slow and simple stuff and hopefully avoid anything near-death.

Otherwise I think we'll be at the beach. There's also a Yankee's vs. A's game going on each day... I love me some baseball!

Will bring my school ID, just in case. Thanks for the tips!

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