Blogging My Resolutions: February in Review

(Click here for the link to February's resolutions.)

"C" is for "Cheap." My goal is to find easy ways to save $100 on our monthly expenses (in addition to January's resolution of not eating out). So far, we have $24 saved! We saved $51 on our monthly expenses in February!

"H" is for "Healthy." Besides walking at least 20 minutes a day with my daughter in her stroller, we're also visiting the Botanical Gardens once a week. Hey, we have a membership... I visited the BoGar 2/4 weeks. We also visited the Zoo for the first time with our Tucson passport.

"E" is for "Eats." Not only am I paying attention to serving sizes, I am also getting more organized with our weekly menu. I write out a grocery list each week before we go to the store, and then assign each dinner to a day of the week. This is the single most awesome habit for breaking our reliance on eating out. A lot of times, we eat out just because we don't have a meal ready. With all of our dinners on a schedule (I use post-its so it's flexible), I can start chopping, mixing and cooking at noon and we can all sit down for an early supper at 4pm (Critical when bed time is as early as 5pm).

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