March: Blogging My Resolutions

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C is for Cheap!
  • No going out to eat.
  • Save $100 on our monthly expenses by trimming the fat.
  • Use the Tucson Passport to save on family fun. ($7 saved already at the Reid Park Zoo!) *ETA: We have a new ticker for March.

H is for Healthy!
  • One walk every day for at least 20 minutes.
  • Visit the Botanical Gardens once a week.
  • Make Saturday family day. No errands, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.

E is for Eats!
I'm continuing the resolutions from previous months. We're still taking baby steps towards budgeting, I'm doing my personal healthy weight loss, and now we're adding some much-needed fun to the mix. Having a baby is a lot of work, but it's time to enjoy our new little family.


modernhaus said...

These are super balanced goals! I like that you included fun...most resolutions involve lots of deprivation, but that can make life feel like such a grind! What a sweet and happy little family you have...your hubs and babe are so fortunate to have such a good/smart mama!

modernhaus said...

p.s., you have to go out for dinner at least once a month! What about those $2 restaurant.com certificates???

Tucson, Holla! said...

Ooh, I will check that out, Summer. Good idea!

Also, thanks for making me tear up ; )

Tucson, Holla! said...

Oh, and we saved $9 in going to the Mini-Time Machine and Miniatures Museum today. Think I'm gonna start a new ticker...

I checked out Restaurants.com. We got two $25 certificates for only $10 total! Awesomesauce. Thanks for the recommendation.

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