Our Biggest Project Yet, cont.

I've already given you links to the three laminate styles we're considering for our new flooring in the first post on this project.

Next I was going to go ahead and show you how each of the styles look in our home. We have cool-toned walls, a lot of warm woods (think Mahogany and rustic Pine), and short ceilings with lots of dark corners. The three samples I brought home from Lowe's this morning are all very light in tone in order to bounce around as much light as possible.

HOWEVER, we had the house measured this morning and received the total estimate. Including quarter round, installation, and taxes we are over budget about $1700. Ouch.

So, the choice was to either put off installing new floors for another year (and hope the sale came around again) for when I return back to work, or to reduce the total somehow.

I crunched the numbers again and the greatest cost was the price per square foot of the laminate. The logical decision then was to reduce the price per square foot.

If we go with something a little more classic and a little less trendy, like Pergo Tidewater Oak, then the price goes down by almost $1.50 *ETA: per square foot. Wow.

That puts us back on budget again.

It's a hard choice, but we've always valued living within our means. Especially now that we're budgeting with one income while I stay home with Amanda, paying with cash in hand is so much more secure than going into debt.

I'm going to go back to Lowe's, purchase a box for about $43, and lay out some boards in our living room. If I don't hate it, then we'll take the plunge.

Stay tuned for pix.

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